Dear Parents, It is with pleasure that I present to you the Board of Governors’ Report on Edendork P.S. for the academic year 2010/11. It is the intention of the Governors and indeed the Principal for you to be informed about your child’s progress at school and so this report is one of a number of ways in which information is provided. Schools are very busy places with so many initiatives happening and so this report can only serve as a “snapshot” into all the learning experiences presented in our school. It is intended this report gives you an overview and creates an opportunity for you to gain a flavour of the work, lifestyle and ethos of Edendork P.S. If you require information about your own child or have any concern, you should feel free at any time to contact the school and arrange an appointment with the Principal or your child’s teacher. Requests for additional information or clarification of any aspect of this report should be forwarded in writing to the school. On behalf of the Governors, I thank you for your support and look forward to your continued interest. I commend this report for your consideration Mr. N. Maneely Chairman


The year in brackets indicates the year in which each member’s term of office ends.

Trustee Nominees

Mr. N. Maneely (Chairman) (2013)
Rev. Fr. P. Mc Anenley (2013)
Mrs. C. Mc Atasney (2013)
Mrs. R. O’Neill (2013)

D.E.N.I. Representative
Mrs. M. Mallon (2013)

S.E.L.B. Nominees
Mr. J. Gildernew (2013)
Mr. F. Mc Killion (2013)

Parents' Representative
Mrs. K. Conlon (2013)

Teacher Representative
Miss. R. Richards replaced by Mrs. P. Forker (2013)

Principal - Non Voting Member
Mrs. A. Mc Alinden (Secretary)

The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for the effective management of the school. They are required to meet at least three times each year (usually once per term) but in practice, they may meet more often than this. Their range of duties and responsibilities are diverse and include:

• Maintaining and developing the Catholic ethos of the school.
• School Development Planning
• Setting the school’s aims and policies in relation to:
 the curriculum;
 pastoral care – i.e. the arrangements to promote pupil and staff welfare;
 pupil discipline;
 special educational needs and disability; and
 charging for school activities.
• Performance Management
• Admissions and Enrolment
• Staffing and Finance
• Preparing information for parents including an Annual Report.

Edendork Primary School believes in promoting the spiritual, personal, social and academic goals desirable for our pupils. We wish to promote in all our pupils such values that will help them to become caring responsible citizens of the future. These Catholic values are inherent in all areas of the school’s life. At Edendork, we aim:

1. To develop a strong Catholic ethos underpinning our pastoral care systems this incorporates fairness, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, whilst setting standards of respect for others and ourselves.

2. To develop interpersonal relationships fostering mutual respect with and between all members of the school community.

3. To promote close links between home, school, the parish and the wider community.

4. To facilitate and develop the spiritual, personal, cultural, intellectual and physical needs of each and every child at the school, and enhance their contribution to society.

5. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, for the children of all ages within a friendly, supportive and caring learning environment.

6. To provide opportunities to enhance teaching and enrich children’s learning experiences across the curriculum using communication, mathematics and I.C.T.

7. To integrate thinking skills and personal capabilities in our planning and practice so that children develop skills for life.

8. To foster qualities and values such as personal responsibility, commitment, determination, resourcefulness, openness to new ideas, self confidence, curiosity, flexibility, tolerance, integrity, community spirit and self discipline enabling our pupils to become caring, responsible citizens of the future.

9. To present a variety of learning experiences to our pupils and staff tapping into and developing talents and interests so that they can progress to the best of their ability.

10. To develop in our pupils a sense of appreciation and preservation of their environment, both at a local and global scale.

11. For pupils to be happy at Edendork, to do their best and to be recognised and valued for themselves.


This review is intended to give a brief synopsis of the life and range of activities presented in Edendork P.S. during the 2010/2011 academic year. It serves as a window into the range of achievements, which have been made. A detailed listing is available in Calendar.

In September 2010, 38 P.1 children enrolled in Edendork P.S. and 5 children were enrolled into classes from P.2 to P.6. 44 children left the previous June to embark on second level education thus the enrolment for 2009/2010 school year was 256.

In June 2011, 35 children transferred to second level education into the following schools:

St. Patrick’s Academy 15
St. Patrick’s College Dungannon 15
St. Joseph’s Grammar, Donaghmore 2
St. Joseph’s Coalisland 1
St. Patrick’s Grammar, Armagh 1
Holy Trinity College, Cookstown 1

The Curriculum
The broad and balanced curriculum presented involves the presentation of a variety of learning activities, which include opportunities to achieve creative/aesthetic areas such as sport, music, and art. In a Catholic school, such as Edendork P.S, the teaching and expression of our Catholic faith and values, are very important elements of our curriculum and permeates every aspect of school life.

With regards to curriculum initiatives, teachers at Edendork continued to be involved in implementing the Revised Curriculum with a continued focus throughout 2010/2011 being given to Assessment for Learning. Literacy: with a continued focus on reading, talking and listening; Numeracy: with a focus on creating a “numeracy rich environment”. Teachers and classroom assistants further developed their ICT skills including the use of Learning NI, the school website and interactive whiteboards. Senior Management continued to be involved in the Investors in People Process. Individual teachers received training in Digital Story Telling, First Aid and Child Protection Training for the designated personnel while one teacher undertook a PQH and senior management continued with the Investors In People process. Areas of development which led to whole school improvement were integral to teachers’ PRSD. Two classroom assistants were trained in and implemented the Reading Partnership Programme to children throughout the school. All teachers and classroom assistants received advice and support from the Behavioural Support Team, the Inclusion and Diversity Team and training on both Autism and creating the ‘Dyslexic Friendly Classroom’.

Children from Primary 4 received the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. Children in P.7 received the sacrament of Confirmation. These were very memorable occasions for all involved and we appreciate the efforts of their class teachers in these preparations. In addition to this, a whole school Mass was celebrated at least once a term. Children from P.4 to P.7 also received the sacrament of Reconciliation at least once a term throughout the school year.

Use of School Development Days

24th August Classroom Management & Organisation: Self evaluating & reflecting on new initiatives
30th August Whole School Planning: 3 years: 2010 – 2013
1 year: 2010 – 2011
Literacy, Numeracy & ICT: Evaluate developments to date & plan for future developments

31st August Special Needs: Language & Communication (Autism) training for teachers & classroom assistants.

21st Sept. & 29th October Learning NI (ICT)

8th December ‘Assessment For Learning’: Consultation & Reporting to Parents

6th January CCEA Financial Capabilities, Marking for Improvement: Literacy & Numeracy

31st May SIMS Assessment Manager

2nd April Literacy Policy

Special Educational Needs

All teaching staff ensured data derived from assessment fed into target setting, teaching and learning. An internal audit was led by the SENCO, Mrs Dillon, in reviewing and developing the school’s provision for special needs in light if Department guidelines. A part time teacher, Mrs. T. Toye was employed on a temporary capacity to assist teachers in presenting children with additional support in Literacy and Numeracy. One teacher delivered the Numeracy Recovery Programme. All staff received training on both Autism and creating the ‘Dyslexic Friendly Classroom’.

Pupil progress was regularly reviewed and where there was cause for concern, parents were contacted and children were placed on the ‘Special Educational Needs Register’ according to the Code of Practice for special educational needs. No child was registered on Edendork P.S. Special Needs Register without parental permission. Individual Education Plans were written for these pupils and were reviewed with the parents/guardians termly. Advice was sought from external agencies, such as the educational psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist and Behavioural Support Team, where and when required.

Assessment and Reporting

During 2010/2011 children were formally assessed at the end of K.S. 1 (P.4) and K.S. 2. (P.7). All parents were informed of the outcome of this assessment in the end of year reports.

At Key Stage 1: 100% of children achieved level 2, and above, in English with 41.18% achieving level 3.
100% of children achieved level 2, and above, in Mathematics with 41.18% achieving level 3.

At Key Stage 2: 80% of children achieved level 4, and above, in English with 42.86% achieving level 5.
82.01% of children achieved level 4, and above, in Mathematics with 42.3% achieving level 5.

In keeping abreast of new assessment arrangements, INCAS were successfully carried out in P.4, P.5, P.6 and P.7. In addition to statutory assessment arrangements, each year group utilises a range of commercial and non commercially produced class tests which are utilised by the teacher to inform planning for future teaching and learning. In 2010/2011 we purchased and administered to children from P.4 to P.7 new updated and revised standardised tests in English and Mathematics namely ‘Progress In English’ and ‘Progress In Mathematics’. These tests are more compatible with the SIMS Assessment Manager the school is utilising, and are being increasingly utilised by non selective post primary schools therefore making the transition from primary to post primary more seamless. In addition to this, children in P.4 and P.7 were presented with assessment tasks for the new CCEA ICT Accreditation.

All parent teacher interviews occurred in December and all teachers created and disseminated to parents Pupil Reports using SIMS Assessment Manager.
All reports presented to parents were focused on reporting children’s achievements and attainment in the areas of:
▪ Communication ▪ Using Mathematics ▪Using ICT ▪The World Around Us
▪ Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities ▪Arts ▪ Physical Education
▪ Personal Development & Mutual Understanding ▪ Religious Education

‘Interests and strengths’ and an area of ‘focus for development’ were also reported on for each child.

After Schools and Extra Curricular Activities

In 2010/2011, we were very fortunate to avail of the Department of Education’s Extended Schools Funding. Programmes presented through this funding included Drama, the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader, Wet Play Time activities, Digital Story Telling, Judo & Keep Fit classes. By being part of the Department’s Extended Schools Programme we were also able to avail of additional funding by clustering with Sperrinview Special School and St. Patrick’s P.S. Dungannon. This additional funding was utilised by P.3 children to access a free trip to Springhill for “Christmas Capers” and P.6 children to participate in a series of music/dance lessons. Free vouchers were also given throughout the school for parents and children to spend quality time at Dungannon cinema or Playshack in Cookstown Leisure Centre.

In addition to the above, rather than displacing provision which the school provided, children from P.1 and P.3 continued to avail of the After school Club organised by classroom assistants from Monday to Friday from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. A French teacher offered French lessons to children from P.3 to P.7 once a week. Golf lessons also occurred. The school was presented with free equipment through funding accessed by the coach delivering the golf activities. Both activities were funded by parents of participants.

St Malachy’s Edendork provided after school Gaelic football and camogie activities. During the school year, teachers from the school staff also presented a range of activities including Literacy & Numeracy, Camogie, and Cycling. All activities presented as after schools were very popular and enjoyable for all involved.

Children from P.4 to P.7 availed of swimming lessons in Dungannon Leisure Centre. In addition to this, the children participated in soccer, Gaelic Football and Netball tournaments. Throughout the year, we availed of Tyrone County Board Gaelic sports coaches for football, Camogie and hurling. Through the Minister’s Sporting Programme two classes availed of the Fundamental Skills Programme. Through the Minister’s Language Programme, children from P.1 to P.4 availed of Polish Lessons which occurred once a week throughout the 2010/2011 school year.

Children were prepared and celebrated reception of the sacraments First Confession, First Communion and Confirmation. The school choir participated in these events with children attending practices organised by teachers out of school hours. A range of instruments were played on both these occasions reflecting music taught by the SELB and tin whistle teacher in the school.

Throughout the year, each class was presented with the opportunity to lead Key stage assemblies. Parents and family friends were invited to these occasions. P.1 and P.3 children gave excellent performances in Christmas Plays. The two evenings of ‘Extended Schools Drama’ for children from P.4 to P.7, led to a fabulous production of Jack and the Beanstalk presented in the Craic Theatre.

Throughout the school, children were given the opportunity to participate in Dungannon Feis. Edendork P.S. was represented in a range of events which included solo singing, tin whistle, speech and drama including choral verse and the Irish Speaking poem. Not only was a significant high number of children awarded with prizes but all the children who participated are to be congratulated for individual effort.

In 2010/2011, we are involved in two Dissolving Boundaries Projects which was inclusive of all P.5 and P.7 children and thus involve children from 4 classrooms and their teachers. For both projects we were again linked with St. Edwards P.S. Sligo. The children met for team building in the Share Centre Lisnaskea and communicated to each other through moodling and video conferencing. The Dissolving Boundaries Project was evaluated last year by ETI with a sample number of schools, which included Edendork P.S. being selected for a visit.

As partners to the St. Patrick’s Academy Specialist Schools Status, we tapped into the expertise of teachers with a specialism in Science, Mathematics, ICT, Art, and Irish. Edendork P.S. teachers and pupils benefited from planning and participating in a series of workshops including a Soapbox Challenge which involved the P.7 pupils making soap, designing the packaging, pricing and designing a web page. Pupils from St. Patrick’s Academy presented P.6 children with Irish language lessons once a week and P.7 pupils with Maths Activities. The P.5 children were also involved in a Digital Story Telling Project and a School Bank was developed. In addition to this, we were also extremely fortunate to avail of a very strong community link with St. Joseph’s Donaghmore. Throughout 2010/2011 pupils from St. Joseph’s supported teachers in presenting individual children with regular Paired Reading activities.

Edendork P.S. continued to enjoy the loyal support and tireless work of a number of parents who form the Parent Support Group and give their valuable time and effort to help provide our pupils with equipment and experiences not funded by the Department of Education. The Parents Support Group (PSG), hosted various after school activities throughout the year including a Halloween Fancy Dress Disco, Table Quiz, Making of St. Brigid’s crosses, refreshments after First communion, a Fun Day /Evening, Key Stage 1 and 2 End of Year Discos. These events which occurred after school hours were enjoyed by young and old.

‘Fund Raising’

During the 2010/2011 academic school year, parents, pupils and teachers of Edendork P.S. were involved in various fund raising events to boost school funds and consequently, resources. In addition to events already listed, fund raising activities organised by the Parents Support Group included an Easter Egg Raffle, Balloon Race and a fire side quiz. The accumulated efforts of these events resulted in the purchase and installation of one interactive whiteboard and funding for new books. The PSG also donated towards refreshments for First Communion and the funded the P.7 end of year trip.
St. Malachy’s Edendork funded transport costs to and from all Gaelic games/tournaments.

A significant amount of money/resources was raised for various charities, which included a generous donation towards the St Vincent De Paul Christmas hampers, Trocaire, St. Joseph’s Grammar Romanian Appeal, Marie Curie, St. Patrick’s Young Priests and the local pilgrimage to Lourdes.

During the year, the school staff also made a presentation to Mrs. B. Mc Geary (retired as a lunch time supervisor) to mark her years of service to the school.

School Building & Resources

During the past year a number of improvements were made to the school building. The SELB painted the school dining room. Following a ‘Minor Works’ application to the Department of Education, steps and wheelchair access at the front of the school were replaced. From school funds we repainted the school corridor, created additional floor space in classrooms through cutting back benches and fitted open shelving.

Following another successful application was to Awards For All and a growing/sensory area was created at the side of the school which is not only aesthetically pleasing but further enhances the children’s learning experiences and opportunities. Through DENI Extended Schools Funding we purchased library books, gymnastic/judo mats, costumes, small play equipment for children from P.1 to P.4, 5 Apple iMac Desktop computers, 5 video flip cameras, 1 interactive Whiteboard, 5 digital cameras & memory cards. A reading screen and parents’ notice board were also erected at the front of the school. We also received another interactive whiteboard from St Patrick’s Academy through our partnership with them in their Specialist Schools status.


Since April 1991 the school has been responsible for the management of its overall budget. To this end the Board of Governors has overall responsibility, although on a day-to-day basis this responsibility is delegated to the Principal.

In the current financial climate, last year saw the tightening of the spending belt even further thus, prudent management was the order of the day. The school’s allocation for the financial year 2010/2011 was £761,921. This figure included both staffing, extended schools money and running costs.

A copy of the Outturn Statement from the S.E.L.B. for this school is available from the school office. This statement details the overall budget allocation, its breakdown and the balance that remained at the end of the financial year.
Unfortunately to ensure the continuity of our low adult pupil ratio and to ensure a wide range of resources are enjoyed by all pupils throughout Edendork P.S., fundraising and accessing funding from external sources has been vital.

Sporting Achievements

Sporting events occurred during the 2010/2011 school year included girls and boys indoor and outdoor Gaelic football, Camogie, Hurling, Rounders and netball tournaments that were hosted in Clonoe Cabragh, Moy and Mid Ulster sports Arena. Eight children from P.7 represented the school in a camogie, hurling, girls and boys Gaelic football skills competition which was hosted in the Mid Ulster Sports Arena by the Tyrone County Board Coaches. One child from Edendork P.S. was chosen to represent Tyrone at Croke Park on All Ireland Hurling Day. Boys and girls participated in the Academy Blitz (Gaelic Football). Children from Edendork P.S. and Sperrinview Special School were privileged to be the first users of the recently restored Des Fox Pavilion as a skill based tournament organised by Mrs Bowe with St. Malachy’s GAC marked the opening of this facility. Despite adverse weathers conditions we held very successful sports day(s) at the end of June with a range of activities presented to all children from P.1 to P.7.


At the end of each month four children from each classroom are presented with golden certificate awards for effort in class work, home work, behaviour and contribution to school life. As every pupil in the school received at least one certificate at the end of the 2010/2011 school year, a sense of pride and achievement was experienced and generated from ALL pupils and their parents.

Throughout 2010/2011 school year a girl and boy from each Key Stage received Best Boy and Best Girl certificates at the weekly assembly. These are awarded to children who displayed courtesy and a positive attitude to school life. At the end of the school year, the class who received the most certificates in each Key Stage were treated to a trip to the local cinema! Last year this trip was won by Mrs Bowe’s class and Mrs Forker’s class.

Following an assessment by an external moderator, the school was awarded with ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the Supervalu Best Kept School Competition. A number of children won local art competitions including those sponsored by Tesco and The Courier. Four children participated in a K Nex Challenge in Armagh. Two of these children were selected to participate in the Regional Finals at W5. One child from P.7 represented Tyrone County at the all Ireland Hurling championship. This followed her success in the Tyrone County Boards Skills assessment in May. The school year concluded with a very successful prize-giving event with prizes being sponsored by a local business, Powerscreen. Medals were awarded to Sports Day winners and to those who participated in P.E throughout the school year. Trophies and prizes were presented to those with 100% attendance, Eco Club leavers, altar servers, school choir members and School Council leavers. In June 2011, Chloe Mc Cann, a P.7 girl and Hugh Devlin, a P.7 boy, each received the Catriona Charlton Cups for their positive contribution to school life over seven years. Ellen Grew, Eoin Logue and Paedar Lowe (also P.7 pupils) were worthy runners up and each received the Powerscreen cups.



Principal Mrs A. Mc Alinden
Vice Principal Mrs R Dillon P2 (SENCO)
Assistant Teachers Miss L. O’Neill P1
Mrs P Conlan P1
Mrs D. Bowe P2/3
Miss D. Mc Gonagle P.3/P.4
Mrs J Lowe P4
Mrs A. Mc Ateer P5
Mr. J. Crozier P5
Miss R. Richards P6 (Child Protection Designated teacher)
Mrs P. Forker P6/P.7
Mrs Shields P7

Non-Teaching Staff

Mr P. Mc Atasney Caretaker
Mrs A Coulter Secretary
Mrs M McBride Classroom Assistant (P1)
Mrs R Gates Classroom Assistant (P2)
Mrs S Casey Classroom/Domestic Assistant & Lunch Supervisor
Miss T Sutton Domestic Assistant (on career break) covered by:
Mrs. M. Laverty Assistant
Mrs P. Dillon Classroom/Domestic Assistant
Mrs. E. Mc Causland Classroom assistant/Lunch Supervisor
Mrs A McNally Lunch Supervisor/Cleaner
Mrs P. Quinn Cook
Mrs D. Hand Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs A O’Neill Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs B Casey Kitchen Assistant
Mr I Burrows Crossing Patrol/Lunch Supervisor


Attendance levels enhance opportunities for educational achievement.

Attendance at Edendork Primary School continues to remain at a high level with the overall percentage record being 95.9% for children from P.1 to P.7. This was a slight increase from the 2010/2011 school year when the attendance rate from P.1 to P.7 was recorded as 95.4% All efforts to ensure high attendance are to be commended.
SCHOOL YEAR 2010/2011
Calendar of events


September 2010
New admissions to Primary 1
Mass to celebrate new school year
Literacy, Numeracy & ICT Teacher teams formed (led by co-ordinators)
Tin whistle classes commenced P.4 & P.5
Drama After schools commenced
Dissolving Boundaries Training
Additional support for Special Needs commenced
Fundamental Skills for P.2
Polish lessons commenced P.1 to P.4
Interactive Whiteboard training
Teacher support from Inclusion & Diversity Team
Altar Server training
Reading Partnership training for classroom assistants
SELB Library Exchange
P.6 Gaelic football skills commenced (Tyrone County Board)
P.4 ‘Do This in Memory’ Programme launched
P.5 Hurling/Camogie skills commenced (Tyrone County Board)
After Schools for P.2 & P.3 commenced
French lessons commenced
Tyrone Day: Visitors: Harry Og Conlan & Darren Mc Curry (past pupils) All Ireland Minor winners.
Playground buddies appointed
Learning NI training
Tyrone County Board School Blitz.
NI Fire Service: P.5
DELTA Induction day for P.1 Parents
Investors In People training recommenced

October 2010
Parents Information Book 2010-2011 issued
P.7: Soapbox Challenge commenced in St. Patrick’s Academy
School Council election
INCAS commenced P.4 – P.7
P.4 Assembly
Paired Reading Programme: P4 parents & pupils
Sponsored silence raised £1949.60
District Inspector (ETI) visited school
RE Diocesan Adviser visited school
School Photographer
CASS support for writing genre
Moy P.S. Boys Football Tournament
St Patrick’s Academy launched ‘School Bank’
Autism training
PQH training commenced
PSNI CASE programme commenced (P.1 – P.7)
Community Link programme with St. Joseph’s Grammar
Digital Story Telling training
After schools golf lessons
Bulb planting: Raised £310 for Marie Curie
Child protection SMT audit
EPD training
CCMS link officer visited
Learning NI training
Halloween Fancy Dress Competition & Discos
Teaching Practice commences: 2 students from University of Ulster
P5 Dissolving Boundaries: Share Centre, Lisnaskea

November 2010
Board of Governors meeting
Camogie after schools commenced (Mrs Bowe)
Extended Schools Programme: Judo commenced
Child Protection training
Renaissance Reading training commenced
P.6 trip to Navan Fort: ‘The Vikings’
Fr. White led assembly
Anti-bullying week
Road Safety Vests distributed: one per P.1 child
C2K training
P.6 Assembly
Principal conference: ‘Leading For School Improvement’
Teaching Practice commenced for 1 student from Liverpool

December 2010
P.1 Christmas Nativity Play
P.3 Christmas Play/Assembly
P.4, P.5, P.6 & P.7 presented ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’
Confessions P.5 – P.7
P.7 St. Vicent De Paul Hampers
Parent Teacher Interviews P.1 – P.7
P.7 ‘Sleeping Beauty – The Real Story’ at St. Joseph’s College
Boys Gaelic Football Blitz at Derrytresk
P.2: Sperrinview special School Christmas show
P.1 – P.7: ‘Joseph’ at Holy Trinity College Cookstown
P.3 Extended schools Springhill ‘Christmas Capers’
School Mass
St. Malachy’s GAC AGM hosted in school

January 2011
CCEA training ‘Financial Capability’
Open Day
ECO Club recycled Christmas cards
P.6 & P.7 tin whistle lessons commence
Women’s Aid ‘Helping Hands’ programme commences for P.7
CASS support: ‘Marking for Improvement’
Netball tournament in Dungannon Leisure Centre
P.6 Extended School cluster programme ‘All Set’ commences with Sperrinview Special School & St. Patrick’s P.S. Dungannon
P.4 trip to Palace Stables
Indoor Hurling competition: Clonoe Community Hall
Music Co-ordinator training
Irish Lessons commence for P.4, p.5 & P.6 (Dungannon Council)
P.5 Assembly (Mrs Mc Ateer’s class)
PSG ‘Making of St. Brigid’s crosses’

February 2011
Catholic Schools Week
Whole school Mass: St. Blaise’s Day & Grandparents Day
£132 presented to St. Joseph’s Grammar for Romanian Appeal
P.7 Transfer Interviews
Gaelic Football, camogie & hurling commences: Tyrone County Board
St. Patrick’s Academy Maths lessons commenced (P.7)
First Aid training: Mr. Crozier & Mrs Mc Alinden
Boys Indoor Football competition
PSG Mid Term disco
P.6 ‘All Set’ Performance in Dungannon Leisure Centre
P.7 ‘Breakthru’
Development of a Homework Policy
Girls Indoor Football
P.7 Soap, Cake, Bring & Buy Sale for Trocaire
P.7 Parkanaur cross community trip: ‘Sharing Heritage’
Parents’ homework consultation commences
Dungannon Feis commences

March 2011
P.4 First Confession
P.5 assembly (Mr. Crozier’s class)
Principal’s Conference & meeting: ‘Leading Learning’
Confessions P.5 – P.7
School Nurse
Cumann Na Bmnascoil Table quiz
Visit from ETI inspector
PE co-ordinator training
Gaelic Football commenced after school (St. Malachy’s GAC)
Netball commenced after school (Mrs Bowe)
P5 trip to Navan fort
P3 trip to Springhill: ‘Changing Times’
P.2 trip to library
Reading Challenge
Character Fancy Dress
Science & Engineering Week: Carousel of K Nex activities P.5 – P.7
Teaching Practice commences: 1 student from St. Mary’s Training College
Fire Safety Inspection
SENCO training
P.5 Digital Story telling commenced
Extended Schools Programme: Digital Story telling for parents commenced
P.7 boys participate in Paddy Mc Intosh Tournament
Dungannon Council Public Speaking competition
P.6 boys participate in St. Joseph’s College Gaelic football competition
Numeracy Co-ordinator training
P7 Dissolving Boundaries: Share Centre, Lisnaskea

April 2011
Governors meeting
School Council ‘Easter Egg Hunt’
PSG Easter Egg Raffle
Maths Lessons from St. Patrick’s Academy commence
P6 children access Science lessons at St. Patrick’s Academy
5-a-side tournament in Derrytreask
Presentation to Marie Curie
School Council Easter Egg Hunt
Feis: Choral Verse speaking: Mrs Mc Ateer’s class
C2K training
Tyrone County Board Skills competition at Mid Ulster Sports Arena
P.1 Assembly (Mrs Conlon’s class)
School Nurse: P.1 medical assessments
Literacy training: Policy development


May 2011
First Communion
End of Key Stage Assessment completed
Standardised tests administered: P.4 – P.7
C2K Assessment Manager
P.5 digital story telling at AMMA
SELB Library Exchange
P.7 local history programme commenced
P.7 Boys St. Patrick’s Dungannon Gaelic Football Tournament
P.3 tin whistle lessons commenced
4 children participated in K Nex Challenge in Armagh
School Nurse: P.7
EWO Transfer Transition
P4 swimming commenced
P.1 Assembly (Miss O’Neill’s class)
P.7: ‘Bee Safe’ Programme
P.1 – P.7 ‘Wally & Wise Show’
Launch of ‘Heart Start’ Skipping programme
P7 Boys Allianz League competition in Clonoe
Parents Road Safety consultation commences

June 2011
Board of Governors meeting
2 children represented SELB schools at KNex challenge in W5
P7 End of Year Book presented
Team Building Day: All staff
ICT co-ordinator training
C2K training: School administration
‘Jump Rope for Heart’ Day
P.6 Girls Gaelic Football tournament in Moy
P.5 trip to Armagh County Museum
New Altar Servers: Training commenced
Key Stage 1 DELTA commenced including Healthy Eating buffet
P.6 Parent Teacher Interviews
Sports Day
Prize Giving Day (sponsored by Powerscreen)
Opening of Des Fox pavilion: Gaelic Skills with Sperrinview Special School sponsored by St Malachy’s GAC
P.4 trip to American Folk Park
PSG Fun Evening
Donaghmore Gaelic football tournament
P.7 trip to Dunluce Centre
P.5 trip to Cookstown Leisure Centre
P.6 trip to Belfast Zoo
Literacy Co-ordinator training
Children from p.1 to P.7 perform at Victorian Tea Party (Marie Curie)
Gaelic & Netball tournaments in Cabragh
St Patrick’s academy Boys & girls football Blitz
4 Children attended celebration marking Parkanaur’s heritage Trail
P.7 assembly (Mrs. Forker & Mrs Shields’ classes)
Post primary schools’ open Days – P.7 attended
P.1 teachers met with Nursery teachers
Probationer Pioneer Certificates & Pins Presented to P.7
St. Malachy’s GAC Camogie Taster session
P.5 Willow Lantern Making
P.6 fun Day in St. Patrick’s College Dungannon
PSG End of Year Discos: Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2
End of Year Reports issued
End of Year Mass

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