It is the policy of Edendork P.S. to provide and maintain a safe environment with healthy working conditions, in so far as is practicable for all pupils and staff in our school. The C.C.M.S. and S.E.L.B. have both produced documents relating to this area. These documents serve to compliment this School Policy Statement

In Edendork Primary School we believe that assessment lies at the heart of the process of learning. We use it not just to measure standards but to enhance achievement and improve learning.

At Edendork P.S., marking is seen as an integral part of the assessment process. To ensure that all children have their work marked in such a way that it is likely to improve their learning, develop their self-confidence, raise self-esteem and provide opportunities for self assessment. As a result of this policy there will be greater consistency in the way that children’s work is marked across the Key Stages. We believe children are an integral part of the marking process and are increasingly given the opportunity to review their own work as well as that of their peers. Our Marking Policy is embedded in the Assessment for Learning practice which is implemented throughout the school and it links to our Assessment Policy.

Edendork, pastoral care permeates all aspects of school life. It reflects the values, attitudes, beliefs and practices of our Catholic faith. We see the school as a community in which pupils, staff, parents, governors and all those connected to Edendork P.S. take great pride in all that we do. We feel that everyone has an important role to play in contributing to the success of the school

This is the crest for Edendork Primary School. This is the version best suited to printed material where the crest must be enlarged.

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