Edendork Primary School believes in promoting the spiritual, personal, social and academic goals desirable for our pupils. We wish to promote in all our pupils such values that will help them to become caring responsible citizens of the future. These Catholic values are inherent in all areas of the school’s life.

We aim to work in partnership with you and your child. We encourage you to be as involved as possible in the education of your child by letting you know what is happening in your child’s class and explaining how you can help.

It is the aim of Edendork Primary School to involve parents in the education of their children and to inform them as fully as possible about their children’s progress. We also recognise parents have very useful information to disseminate to teachers with regards to their child’s development. The arrangements for consultation are as follows:

Since September 2002 Edendork P.S. has enjoyed the loyal support and tireless work of a number of parents who give their valuable time and effort to help provide our pupils with equipment and experiences not funded by the Department of Education.

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