The Board of Governors and staff of Edendork Primary school wish to ensure that pupils with medication needs receive appropriate care and support at school.

It is a statutory requirement for all schools in Northern Ireland to have a drugs policy and deliver drugs education to include legal and illegal substances (the Education Curriculum Order NI 2007). Schools are also required to inform PSNI if they believe or suspect a pupil to be in possession of a controlled substance (Criminal Law Act NI 1967). In keeping with requirements, Edendork P.S. will publish relevant sections of this policy in our school prospectus. A copy of this full policy may also be available at request from the school office or alternatively downloaded from the school website: http://www.edendorkps.com. In today’s society many young people are exposed to glamorous and unrealistic messages in relation to drugs and their effects. Combined with ineffective government policies, this often leads to misuse and abuse by impressionable and vulnerable young people. Whilst we recognise that parents are the primary educators of their children, we realise that Edendork Primary School is well placed in the community to provide strong support and care in the area of substance misuse. As such, we encourage all pupils to develop personal and social skills that will enable them to make informed decisions regarding substance misuse. We recognise that an asserted approach for supporting young people in substance education is to create an ethos within the school which promotes individual empowerment and values, such as tolerance, openness, honesty, respect and caring for one’s self and others. The purpose of this policy is to clarify Edendork Primary School’s approach to drug education and to communicate it to staff, pupils and parents.

Dear Parents / Guardians, May I take this opportunity of welcoming you and your child/children to Edendork Primary School. I wish them every happiness and success during their time with us. Starting school can be a daunting experience for young children. We, the staff, would like to assure you that we will genuinely care for your child as he/she is central to everything we do. As a Catholic school, we are fundamentally committed to developing and fostering Christian values for life. To achieve this, it is essential we work together in partnership with all pupils and the community. We wish to create a co-operative and harmonious relationship between staff, pupils and parents. Your support will be invaluable to us as we encourage and provide your child with the very best standard of education during their time spent at Edendork Primary School. Children come to us with many different talents and we aim to develop all of these including the academic, the creative, the physical and the musical. We strive to develop the spiritual, the moral, the social and the emotional aspects within every child so that they will leave Edendork P.S. as confident, happy children, well prepared for the next level of education. This Prospectus is intended to give you information about the life and work of our school. It outlines school policy and procedure and what we hope to achieve. In particular it contains key aspects of our Child Protection and Pastoral Care Policies. Of course no booklet can convey the real atmosphere of Edendork Primary School. I warmly invite you therefore to visit the school prior to enrolment. We will be delighted to meet with you and your child/children. With sincere good wishes Anne Mc Alinden _____________________ Principal

Together as governors, staff, parents, the local Church and community: “Inspired by our faith in Christ, as a Catholic school, we will provide a happy, secure, caring, well resourced and stimulating learning environment. We will support and enable our children to realise and achieve their potential. We will empower them to be caring, responsible individuals, contributors to their community, capable of independent thought and well equipped to meet the opportunities/challenges of education, work and life.” We believe the school is a vital part of our community. We want our school to be a secure and caring environment where each child will be encouraged to fulfil his/her intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional potential. We believe example of positive behaviour sets standards and expectations. We believe the self discipline and behaviour of all school staff, together with the co-operation of parents are the two most important ingredients in promoting positive behaviour in our school. Good discipline is the responsibility of all school staff. It is important rules promoting positive behaviour are created and clearly understood by pupils, parents and staff. The importance of applying these consistently throughout the school is vital. Teachers must have parental support in this, as in all other areas of work carried out in Edendork P.S, since ultimately it is the children who will benefit from the quality of education delivered. We are firmly committed to: • the aims of Catholic Education. • providing effective education for all our children including individuals with special needs. • developing positive pastoral care systems in our school. • promoting close links with the home, school, the parish and the wider community. Edendork Primary School seeks to provide an educational experience, centred on Christ, his values and his gospel messages so that each child grows and learns in a strong Christian faith. We promote a positive behaviour policy where good behaviour is recognised and awarded, the pupils self confidence and self esteem are promoted, individuals are encouraged to value one another and there is a sense of belonging to the school as a community. “In Edendork Primary School we are all friends who play, work and learn together so that Edendork Primary School will be a memorable stepping stone through life’s journey.”

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